Scientific journal “Biological Markers in Fundamental and Clinical Medicine” (official specialized scientific journal of The Czech Republic, registration number MK CR E 22955) DOI-prefix 10.29256 by the publishing center of The European Scientific Center “Biomarkers“ (ESCBM) provides its lanes for information materials in the field of scientific research of modern biological markers in clinical and experimental medicine, pharmacy, and fundamental biology. Scientific journal publishes abstracts of scientific and practical conferences, seminars, symposia, dedicated to the study of molecular-biochemical and functional markers, playing a role in pathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis, as well as assessing the monitoring of the treatment effectiveness for the various systems and organs diseases. Among the priority topics of the journal there is the research of molecular mechanisms of diseases pathogenesis, the study of the structure and functions of peptides, nucleic acids, nucleotides, lipids and other biologically active components of body cells.

Scientific journal is intended for fast and systematic publication of abstracts, containing the results of author’s research, reviews highlighting major developments in the field of biological markers, short messages, new experimental and clinical studies, which use biological markers, as well as proposing new principles and methods for the study of biological markers.

Scientific journal is published 2 times a year. Circulation – 200 copies.

ISSN  2570-5911 (Print)

ISSN  2570-5903 (On-Line)



Scientific journal «Biological Markers in Fundamental and Clinical Medicine» of the publishing department of The European Scientific Center “Biomarkers“ (ESCBM) is platform for short informational materials in the area of studying of biological markers in clinical and experimental medicine, pharmacology, fundamental biology. Scientific journal publishes presentations from The European Scientific Center “Biomarkers“ (ESCBM) events: conferences, seminars and symposiums.

Priority directions:

  • Markers of the Cardiovascular Pathology, Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs).
  • Markers of the central nervous system diseases, metabolic syndrome. Molecules of the endogenous cytoprotection and apoptosis.
  • Molecular diagnostics of the autoimmune diseases, diabetes mellitus. Cytokines. Adhesion molecules. 
  • Markers of the GIT diseases. Molecular diagnostics of the liver, pancreas diseases.
  • Coagulation system monitoring, Molecular diagnostics of the anemias. Analysis of the Complement system disturbances.
  • Markers of the inflammation, oxidative stress. Oncomarkes. Molecular diagnostics of sepsis. Immunological markers in transplantology.
  • Markers of Reproduction. Prenatal diagnostics.
  • Hormones.
  • Electrolytes.
  • Enzymes.
  • Markers in fundamental and molecular biology.