The ESCBM was established in 2017 by scientists and researchers from western European countries in order to create possibilities for knowledge and scientific interests exchange in the field of biological markers between researchers from EU and Western European countries, Central Asia, Russia, Asia.

The main priority of the ESCBM is to create effective conditions for the exchange of experience, information, the establishment of scientific inter-connections in the unified research and knowledge area.

The ESCBM  follows the European Commission strategy – European Research Area (ERA), which is aimed on the creation of an open space for knowledge and growth which involves as EU Members, as Eastern Partnership countries, Central Asia, Russia, and Asia.

The five key ERA priorities are:

  • More effective national research systems
  • Optimal transnational co-operation and competition
  • An open labour market for researchers
  • Gender quality and gender mainstreaming in research
  • Optimal circulation, access to and transfer of scientific knowledge

Our scientific mentors and members of the organizing committees of conferences are leading scientists and professors from Europe and the USA. 

We create effective information platforms, invite leading professors and researchers of universities, research and scientific centers, and associations from Europe and the USA to conduct master classes, conferences, forums, internships. One of the priority directions of the Center is holding competitions of scientific works of researchers for receiving scholarship programs and grant projects to foster the exchange of knowledge and techniques and increase publication activity in the field of biological marker research in experimental and clinical medicine, as well as participating in European conferences, internships.

Since 2017 ESCBM started work in countries of the Eastern Europe, Belarus, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other Asian countries affording to the participants the opportunity to network with colleagues from other countries in European scientific and educational area.

For better work in regions International Scientific Educational Center “Biomarkers” has local contacts. Local coordinators are the first contact point for persons interested in the  ESCBM programs. They offer valuable support for applicants and are happy to help with any other queries regarding.

If your country does not currently have a coordinator or you are interested in the promotion and coordination of the International Scientific Educational Center “Biomarkers” programs please send an email to admin@biologicalmarker.com